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Star Spangled Banner Workstations

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This kit includes materials for 10 workstations. You will need 10 file folders, a printer, scissors (or paper cutter) and adhesive to assemble this kit. Complete directions are included.

This kit is designed for students in 3rd-5th grades but could be adapted for use with older students. The files are all presented as PDFs and come in one large zipped file. A small portion of this kit is pictured above. Pictures of this station being used in my classroom can be found at

Definitions-Folder activity that allows students to learn the meaning of some of the more difficult words in the "Star Spangled Banner"

Francis Scott Key-Includes a short biography.

Phrases-Can you fill in the blanks to these phrases from the "Star Spangled Banner"?

Poetry-Our national anthem was written first as a poem. At this workstation students get to create their own patriotic poem. Worksheet included.

Sing in the Blanks-Using a copy of the lyrics to the "Star Spangled Banner" with some missing words, students will sing in the blanks as they work on memorizing the song.

Star Spangled Treble Clef-Students use their knowledge of the names of the treble clef lines and spaces to decipher phrases from the "Star Spangled Banner". Worksheet included.

Sticky Note Singing-Using copies of the song, students cover some of the lyrics with sticky notes and the sing through the lyrics.

Word Find-Student try to find words from the song at this workstation. Worksheet included.

Write On-On your mark! Get set! Sing! Students race to see who can copy the lyrics down first.

Story-At this station, students read the story of the "Star Spangled Banner" and answer questions.

PDFs in zipped folders.  35 pages


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