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Read It, Trace It, Stamp It - Instruments

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Read It, Trace It, Stamp It – Instruments Edition for Music Class

Your youngest learners will LOVE learning the names of instruments with this fun set of worksheets. On each students will see four columns: See it. Read it. Trace it. Stamp it. Using a pencil and a set of alphabet stamps, students practice the correct spelling of each instrument name.

This activity is perfect as a follow up for symphony visits, after a listening exercise or to add to your rotation of music workstations.

Don’t have alphabet stamps? No worries! The same set is also included with the words “Write it.” Instead of “Stamp it.” This set becomes even MORE handy! Laminate the “Write it.” sheets and place them in a center with dry erase markers and let students practice. This saves paper and let’s face it students love working with markers!

The instruments are grouped in the following ways in this set:

Brass Instruments - trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn, cornet
Woodwind Instruments - saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, recorder
Woodwind Instruments - bassoon, contrabassoon, piccolo, bass clarinet
String Instruments - violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp
Percussion Instruments 1 - piano, xylophone, timpani, vibraphone, marimba
Percussion Instruments 2 - snare drum, gong, triangle, bass drum, cymbals
Percussion Instruments 3 - tambourine, cowbell, cabasa, claves, jingle bells
Percussion Instruments 4 - guiro, tone block, maracas, bongos, egg shakers
Keyboard Instruments - piano, organ, keyboard, accordion, harpsichord
Stringed Folk Instruments - guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer
Rock Band - keyboard, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, microphone
Instrument Families - brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion

This is not an editable file. This product contains the 12 pages listed above in 2 formats (one for stamping, one for writing).

PDF 24 pages


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