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Music Decor Bundle - Paw Print

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Everything you need for a paw print themed music room is in this money saving bundle! Embellished with colorful paw prints in each file, this set is more than just classroom decorations. These files will serve as a reference for your students all year. You save 40% off each of these files by purchasing them in this bundle.

Here’s what’s included:
(Click each link to see more details about each file.)

Dynamics Posters Paw Print Theme PAWSitively adorable posters that will decorate and serve as a reference for your students.

Ensemble Posters Paw Print Theme Wait! How many performers are in a quintet? These posters present common ensembles with paw prints.

Kodaly/Curwen Hand Signs Posters Paw Print Theme A great reference to hang up or cut, laminate and use as manipulatives.

Music Symbols Posters - Paw Print Theme Everything you need to create a PAWSome focus wall.

Paw Prints Staff Display Music Bulletin Board I love having a treble staff reference up all year. This one uses colorful paw prints.

Music Teacher Binder Paw Print Theme Let’s PAWS and get organized with this music teacher binder. Covers and binder labels in a colorful paw print theme make this file special.

Tempo Posters Paw Print Theme You’ll love these colorful reminders that display some common tempo words and their definitions.

Music Word Wall Paw Print Theme All of the music words that you will need as well as category headings and an editable version.

PAWSitive Effects of Music Bulletin Board This colorful music advocacy bulletin board will stop hall traffic as students and teachers read about the positive effects that music has on their lives.

274 pages PDF, PPT, Zipped Folders

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