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facespace Composers and Social Networking Music Bulletin Board Kit

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Welcome to the world of social networking. These composers have broken the barriers of time to show up on your bulletin board! This kit includes title letters, 8 category buttons, 3 ad buttons, 3 activity panels, 8 composer photos (approximately 8 inches tall) and their "status updates" (which fill an entire letter-sized piece of paper). Each composer tells a little bit about themselves through their status and some even include actual quotes. Example 1:
Handel is pleased with the performance of the Messiah but will be disappointed if I only entertained them. I hoped to make them better. Example 2:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is working on a theme and variation piece. You might recognize the tune as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
This bulletin board kit contains files in PDF format.

28 pages


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