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Think Like a Musician Bulletin Board

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Music Growth Mindset Bulletin Board – Think Like a Musician

 Looking for a way to encourage growth mindset in your music classroom?  This bulletin board is a perfect reminder for students to change their mindsets and improve their attitudes.  Included in this download are 10 negative statements that you may hear students say.  These comments have a line through them (but are still easy to read) and a more positive statement to replace it below.

 Some examples:

“I’m not good at music.” Is replaced with “I can be better at music if I practice.”

“Grrr.  I hate making mistakes!” is replaced with “Mistakes can help me learn.”

“She is so good at singing.  I’ll never be that good.” Is replaced with “I’m going to figure out what she’s doing and try it.”

 Also included in this file are two brains filled with music clipart like instruments, notes, musicians, etc…  A title sheet and larger title letters are also included in this file.

 This would be a great bulletin board to leave up all year!

PDF 21 pages


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