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Recorder Composing Station

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This recorder composing station is easy to prepare and easy for students to use to find success with their soprano recorder. Students lay the recorder cards in 4 groups of 4 and play it with their recorder alone or in a group.

The cards contain the pitch name (not on the staff, just the letter) and the recorder fingering. Each time they play they are reinforcing their knowledge of recorder fingerings.

Included in this download are cards for the following pitches: High D, High C, B, A, G, F#, low E, low D and low C. Also included is a sheet of quarter rests. Copy these onto the back of the other cards. In this way, students may choose a pitch or a rest to add interest to their composition.

UPDATED: These notes have been added: High E, High F, B-flat, F natural, low E-flat and low C-sharp.

Also included in this kit is a sheet for you to print and laminate and place at your workstation. It contains directions for students to follow while working at this center. Two sheets to record compositions are included. One with the treble clef staff and one without.

This product will be part of my Music Workstations MEGA Bundle.

20 pages PDF


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